A Group Project/Powerpoint

This group project was designed for us to learn how to further use Google Docs.  As a group, we were to design a survey based around an area of education that we were interested in and about which we wished to gather information.  Our group chose to use the topic “After School Activities”.  Through the use of the online tools presented in Google Docs, we organized a survey which highlighted our questions regarding what a variety of peers felt was an appropriate usage for after school programming.  We gathered a wide array of data which helped us to organize our second portion of this assignment, the PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint construction was the most informative piece of this project.  We all worked together to draft, edit, and finalize the PowerPoint.  The beauty of this portion of the project however was that it was all done via the web.  Not once in the construction of this piece of the process did any of us see each other face to face or speak over the phone.  This emphasized what is capable when working online and with Google Docs.

When reflecting on this process/project, I can honestly say I learned the most from this lesson in particular.  I actually duplicated this process when having to work on another group assignment for another class.  I think that this application of learning is the essence for this class.  The fact that I was again able to brainstorm, organize, edit, and publish an entire PowerPoint presentation with four other group members without ever seeing another person in the group shows what can be done through hard work and with the full utilization of technology.

After School Survey


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